Turn Conflict into Collaboration

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“Psychologist Ghislaine Labelle signed on as a crewmember on a sailing ship, and returned with priceless treasure in the form of a map showing how to create a more harmonious workplace.”


Kenneth W. Thomas, Ph.D., co-author of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument and Introduction to Conflict and Teams and author of Introduction to Conflict Management


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How Does Your Organization Score on Proactive Leadership and Organizational Health?

Lack of leadership, when facing conflicting situations, can have enormous consequences for your organization, both financial and psychological:

  • High level of absenteeism and staff turn over;
  • Psychological distress such as burn out and negative climate;
  • Increase of your insurance costs;
  • Low morale and disengagement of your employees;
  • Resignation of your best employees.


As a LEADER do you know how to turn conflict into collaboration and get benefits from these inevitable situations?





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